About Me

Hello Beautiful World!

I’m Carson just a girl on a journey to find the perfect balance between life, love, and fitness.

My journey honestly started years ago…. I’ve never been the “skinny girl” or had the ability to eat whatever I want and not see it on my love handles. As a child I was not the most active kid besides a few days a week at the dance studio, then in High School I joined the cheerleading squad where we practiced up to 5 days a week which helped really slim me down for the first time! Then after four years of college I had gained and lost probably 40 pounds through crash diets and binge eating and drinking.

When I moved back home after college I started to realize how bad my father’s health was. I knew he was not the healthiest man being a diabetic, recovering alcoholic and overweight. I didn’t know how bad it was though, so I decided it was time to get the family in shape and eating healthier meals. My mother happily accepted the challenge of being able to cook for more than just the two of them again and as a veggie lover was thrilled. My dad on the other had grinder and bared it to make me happy… I was a broke college graduate though so had to find a workout that wouldn’t cost that much and I could do around my work schedule.  That’s when I got my first taste of Beachbody, I got a bootleg copy of P90x from a friend (sorry Beachbody!) and started doing the workout in the morning and at night around shifts. I really started seeing results and was feeling freaking awesome!! Still far from my goal but on the right path…

Then I made the decision to leave home and move to Charlotte, NC to start my first corporate big girl job.  I was tempted with goodies in the office, drank too many nights out of the week, and not meal prepping. The pounds started creeping back on and before I knew it I was back up to my college weight. I didn’t know what to do, I was lost again… A friend of mine told me about a gym Orangetheory where we got a discount through work (SCORE!) I started working out 5 days a week and eating “healthy”. The pounds were falling off and 6 months later I was back into those skinny jeans. From the outside I was looking great but on the inside I was still that little girl ashamed and lacking every bit of confidence.

A few months later I got a call from my mom I will never forget…. She had panic in her voice and before she said anything I knew what she was going to say… “Your father has passed away”. My Father passed from a heart attack in March of 2016 and from the moment I was able to pick myself back up I vowed to be healthier for myself and for my future family.

Then just a few months later I fell head over heels for a guy I actually had known for years. I finally had found someone that I felt like I had everything in common with and could be myself trudgen’s self around. We were going out, he was actually cooking for me! and just having the time of our lives. Then again old habits die hard, 6 more months went by and I had gained back all the weight I lost! I was devastated. All my hard work down the drain, my vow to myself… broken… I decided enough is enough. I was going to dedicate myself to losing the weight, keeping it off, and working truly from the inside out on myself.  With the help of my other half, at home workouts, my superfood shakes, an amazing coach, and an awesome tribe I have turned my life around. I have built the right habits to keep me steady on this path every day striving towards my goals! It’s not easy and this path is an easy one, but every challenge I face makes me stronger and more confident.

I hope you enjoy following me on my journey and will soon join in on it with me!!