I have always had a love for baking, which turned into a love of cooking. My parents were always amazing about making home cooked meals for my brother and I almost every day of the week. They may not have been the healthiest, but they sure were delicious!!

My mom did the classics like meatloaf, mash potatoes, mac and cheese, and the best pan pork as I call it… I mean… noms is all I have to say. My Dad was never one to follow a recipe, it was go to the grocery see what looks good and then a pinch of this a pinch of that and Voila! a wonderful meal was made. My Aunt is a professional chef and truly the best baker I’ve ever known. I continue to learn a lot and have been truly inspired by her.

As I’ve grown in this journey I’ve been picking up tips and tricks on how to reduce calories and fat but without loosing the flavor. That can be one of the hardest parts of of this journey, the meals many plans follow are boring and bland. They don’t have to be though! I hope to share with you all overtime my favorite recipes that can be easy, healthy, and delicious.

My Recipe posts are down and dirty… I don’t know about you but when I’m searching for recipes online I ALWAYS skip right over any of the actual blog post and go straight to the recipe list and instructions. So that is what you will find with me… no fluff, no nonsense, just the recipe and helpful hints you may need to know while cooking!

Please feel free to comment and share feedback on ways you make make the recipes your own or how they turn out!

Recipe Library

Chicken topped with buttered garlic spinach and asparagus

“Skinny” Turkey ChiliĀ 

Korean Chicken Lettuce Cups