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Do you want to lose weight fast? Lose weight without working out? Drink wine, eat ice cream and still lose a ton of weight!?

Well you’ve come to the right place for the first two! BUT REALLY!? You think you can eat ice cream, drink lots of wine and lose weight? Sorry sister not happening, but if you do figure a way how to let me in on your secret!

Today I am going to talk about two different programs because I have so many clients that ask about the differences in the tried and true fixate (21 day fix) container program and then the new nutritional program 2Bminset. After months of living the 2Bmindset lifestyle and having followed the fixate container program for about a year, I’m ready to really break it down for you sister!

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With 2Bmindset there is no workout plan associated, it first focuses on nutrition. So if you aren’t ready to tackle both fitness and nutrition, this is the place for you! This is not to say you shouldn’t workout, if you are up to it you definitely should! But sometimes it can seem overwhelming to tackle both, or maybe you have some physical restrictions keeping you from exercise. When I started this program I was having a lot of knee pain and had to cut back on my workout routine. I later found out I would have to have knee surgery so sticking 2Bmindset while not being able to workout really helped me stay on course with my weight lose and health goals! (16 lbs in 4 months, and its still off, boo ya!)


Fixate is a program that is based on using color coded containers to plan out your meals for the day. Each workout program with Beachbody has a different fixate plan to follow depending on your weight and your goals. You follow a simple instruction guide to understand how many containers you get each day. Then there is a food list to match up to each color container. You can follow this plan to get the max results in conjunction with a workout plan, but you can also follow 2Bminset with any of the Beachbody fitness programs and still see great results (which is what I do now!)

So for today’s purpose I am going to focus more on what 2Bminset has to offer vs what fixate is all about, because it has been out there for YEARS and honestly you probably already know what it’s about. So I’m going to tell you more about 2Bminset and the major differences.

Well first of all 2Bminset is not as strict as the container program. Fixate lays out exactly the portions of each food group you need in a day and don’t you dare go over that allotted amount! With 2Bmindset Illana teaches you based off only 4 food groups how to build you plate at each meal time. The groups are broken down into Veggies, Proteins, Carbohydrates (called FFCs) and accessories (aka the good stuff! Fats, dressings, sweets, etc..) She breaks each meal out by how much of each group you should fill your plate with, so you visually learn how a plate should look. This makes going out to eat a lot easier! With Fixate you fill up the container then put it on the plate, which in all honesty really helped me learn what a portion should look like. But Ilana teaches you to eye ball it and many people have had success with that.

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Now how does she build each plate? She breaks it down into three of the four groups Veggies, Proteins, and FFCs. Accessories can be used in any meal to add flavor, just be sparing with what you choose to use. She breaks it down by what % of each food group should cover the plate. For example at breakfast you should fill the plate with 50% protein and 50% FFCs and if you sneak in veggies like in an omelet that’s an extra star for you Glen Coco! So a good breakfast with 2B would be low-fat greek yogurt and berries or scrambled eggs, a little cheese and a pieces of whole wheat toast with a little almond butter. This means you only eat certain food groups at each meal, unlike the container program where you can mix and match when you eat which foods as long as you don’t go over the allotted containers. The hardest one to get a grip on was no FFCs at dinner, but after a while you get used to is (hello zoodles my love).

The biggest difference I found in these programs was how the food lists and “food groups” were layed out. With 2B there are only 4 groups and with Fixate you have 6… The biggest mindshift for me with 2B was thinking about certain foods I normally didn’t put into the carb list on the FFC list. Like fruits… I used to eat A LOT of fruit but have since cut back knowing what the sugar and carbs from them can do. With 2B you will learn to LOVE veggies, as veggies most is a mantra Ilana lives by. You will learn to add accessories or what fixate may consider the blue, orange and teaspoon in moderation.


Treats just like on Fixate are allowed, but again everything in moderation. Think about having “just a bite” instead of a whole piece of cake or one glass of wine vs the whole bottle! She like to live by the dinner and done rule BUT don’t starve yourself, if you are still very hungry try drinking a glass of water and if still hungry follow the progression wheel of what to eat next.

treat not cheat

One thing that is the same is that you will track what you eat to a certain degree. With Fixate you track how many of each container color you eat in the day and with 2B you will just jot down the meals and snacks you have throughout the day. This gives you a bit more freedom to set your own guidelines and learn what your body reacts well to and what it doesn’t. So if you wake up one morning feeling super bloated (and it’s not that time of the month) check out what you ate the day before. Was it a dairy heavy day? Or maybe a veggie that can make you reach for some beano? Like broccoli or cabbage.

Another thing that sets this program apart from fixate are the videos made by Ilana. She has 21 videos that break down the food groups and why certain foods are within that group. She does a good job of explaining the why behind her rules which will help in your mindset shifts. Then she teaches you the Plate it! Method. It’s broken down into each meal with examples of recipe ideas. From there she goes deep, get ready for some therapy. She teaches you mantras and tools on how to shift your mindset about food. How to fight through the cravings and what to do when you get into a sticky situation, literally….

Ilana herself was an emotional eater when she was young so she understands the struggles and knows that it takes a lot more than just giving you a meal plan to follow to make this a lifestyle. It’s all about giving you the tools to change your mind and the way you think about food. She will strip away the negative thoughts you may have about “healthy” foods and teaches you to fall in love with fueling your body with the good stuff.


The one piece of the program I must say I still disagree with is weighing yourself EVERDAY! I find when I do this I get a little psychotic and anxious, so after a month I decided to just weight myself every Friday morning. If you are following only the nutrition piece of this I will say it does help you understand which meals help you lose and which make you just maintain or gain so it can be helpful in the first few weeks. If you are working out you will be building muscle. So the scale will probably not show as much weight lose as anticipated. This, if you’re anything like me, will drive you bonkers because your body is going to start replacing that fat with muscle, which we all know MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT!

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Overall each program has its pros and cons and it all boils down to what is right for you!

Do you need a strict plan where you portion and plan everything? Or are you wanting to learn more about nutrition and how to build a healthy lifestyle into your current life without a ton of planning?


Either way you go you can’t go wrong when you are taking the GIANT leap to start making changes towards a healthier life!

If you want more information on either program drop your information below and I will get back in contact with you! Or check out the 30 day challenge page


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