Top 10 ways to STAY HEALTHY during the Holidays

The holidays are the hardest time of the year to stay on track with your health and fitness goals. It’s cold and dark outside so you’re more inclined to stay in bed, there are goodies and treats EVERYWHERE you look, and your social calendar seems to be over booked!

It doesn’t have to be this way though.. I’ve got 10 tips for you on how to keep focused, stay on track, and not let those holiday pounds creep up on you once again this year!


#1 It’s not “ALL OR NOTHING”

Moderation is the key to success over the holiday season. It’s not about being 100% restrictive and missing out on all the joys of it being the holidays, but a little bit can go a long way! You don’t need to stuff yourself silly on thanksgiving, and how about just a taste of desert instead of a plate full. The trick is at a holiday meal fill half your plate with veggies so there is only a quarter left for carbs and protein (that you probably top with gravy)



The holidays are definitely a time where the amount of nights you drink and how much will probably increase, so just don’t forget the golden rule of water first and water most! you should drink half of your body weight in ounces of water daily. Drinking water will not only fill you up but it will also help ease the pain of those pesky hangovers, that only get worse with age. You will thank me tomorrow for that one!


#3 Get moving with your friends and family!

Plan a fun activity that get’s the whole family involved!

  • Flag Football
  • Take a walk around the block
  • Get everyone up for a morning yoga session
  • Break out the Wii for some Dance Dance Revolution or Bowling!
  • Laps around the mall on Black Friday
  • Heck do some squats with the frozen turkey while you’re in the kitchen!


#4 Offer to bring a healthy dish!

Always check with the host to see if you can bring something you know is on your plan, doing so will not only make you seem like a gracious guest but it will help you make better choices while at a dinner party and put you in control! It will also give you a chance to share what you have been doing to look so dang good!!!


#5 Slow Down!!!!

It’s not a race my friends, take time to eat slowly and enjoy your company. Engage in conversation and enjoy the meal and every savory morsel for what it is! Eating slower is also going to help you notice when you are actually full. When you eat quickly we tend to not notice once we are full and over eat.


#6 Don’t slack on your workout routine!

I know it’s cold and I know it’s dark earlier, but the more you get out of your routine the harder it will be to get back in after the holidays are over. Also working out is a stress reliever and we all know even though the holidays are fun and enjoyable they can also be stressful with traveling, deadlines, and family drama. So take time yourself and sweat it out, remember your why and your goals you want to achieve and keep reaching!


#7 Write it ALL DOWN and start a food journal

If you don’t do it already start a food journal, there are tons of free apps out there or even just in the notes section of your phone! You will be shocked by all the nibbles and snacking that you may do throughout the day. It will also help you notice what is working in your diet and what is not throughout the holidays.


#8 Challenge yourself and your family!

Everyone loves a little competition especially if its a sibling or cousin rivalry, so sign everyone up for a local turkey trot or challenge them to a game of  football or soccer outside! See who can reign supreme year after year at one event making it a new family tradition!


#9 Treat yo-self

That’s right I said it! Don’t deprive yourself of the good stuff or you will be more inclined to binge at some point. Enjoy a little here and there and just make up for it on other days by sticking to your routine, diet, plan, whatever you are following! You can also try out some new recipes that are maybe a healthier alternative so you don’t feel like you are over indulging.


#10 Stop stressing over the small stuff!!

This time of year can be very overwhelming or emotional for some people so don’t let the scale be one more thing to add to that pressure. Live your life with an open mind, full heart, and lots of love! Food and your body are not the enemy so don’t let them be. Think of all the things you have to be grateful for this season and write them down… Then I want you to read through them each morning to remind yourself what life is all about and all the things you can be grateful for.

What I am grateful for…

  • My family and friends
  • Matt
  • My health
  • My tribe and accountability partners
  • The roof over my head
  • The food I’m able to eat
  • My ability to laugh and smile
  • All the opportunities that have been opened to me





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