Never Regret…

Throughout my journey so far the one phrase I always keep top of mind is, “You will never regret a workout, you will only regret not working out!” So whenever I’m tired, hungry, cranky (which happens a lot after work and in the morning ha!) the last thing I want to do is turn on a video or hit the gym. Then I think about how good I feel once I have accomplished my workout.

I’ve never been a runner and don’t know what it’s like to get a “runners high” but I do know what it feels like to give it everything you’ve got in a workout. I have to assume it feels something like that. In this post I wanted to share my best tips for pushing through the mental block you may experience when starting your journey. This journey is ALL A MENTAL GAME! It’s taken me months to really get it together, stay dedicated and learn how to put mind over matter. You have to be strong and know you CAN do it!

#1 Set your goals at the beginning of this journey! I don’t just mean your goal on the scale or inches off your body (BUT do take a before picture and take your measurements! You will get all the feels that at that first milestone of taking after photos and measurements!) So what I mean by goals are what are you really deep down inside doing this for? Did your doctor give you an ultimatum? are you sick of feels weak and depressed? Do you have kids that you want to set an example for? Think deep, jot it down, and remind yourself of this goal everyday!

#2 Don’t make excuses. I am a professional excuse maker. There are millions of excuses I hear daily from people as to why they can’t workout or why they can’t meal plan, but I always find a loop hole in those excuses. You don’t get fit sitting on the couch eating ice cream I promise!

#3 Make it fun! If you enjoy the workout you’re doing, you will be more inclined to do it. I love switching up what I do each week. I go between dance videos, cardio, yoga, barre, and strength training to name a few. The options are endless with Beachbody on Demand!

I’ve tried every quick fix in the book and let me tell you they DON’T work! It’s hard work, it takes time to build the habit and it takes a lot of dedication, but if you put your mind to it, have the right tools, and support system you CAN do it!

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