Not all Salads are made the Same

Growing up, I’m not going lie, I didn’t always eat my veggies (sorry mom!) but since hitting my 20s I’ve really starting loving salads, but they much be flavorful and colorful!

When I first started dieting I thought you know it’s a salad it has to be healthy… well that 100% NOT TRUE. Salads can be packed carbs and unwanted calories. Especially when eating out, biggest tip when eating out would be…

  1. Get the dressing on the side and try to go for a vinaigrette
  2. Avoid the fried chicken … I know its hard
  3. Ask for no cheese (unless you are doing low carb high fat!!)
  4. Eyeball the plate and try to only go for 2 cups of veggies and 4-6 oz of meat. Some restaurant salads can be 1,000 calories and over if you let it

A lot of the times when eating out I find that an entree with meat and a veggie side can be a better option than thinking you are being “healthy” with a salad.

When I’m at home I follow a lot of the same rules when building a salad..

  1. 2 cups of veggies including the base mix. This was a new learning for me when I did 21 day fix for the first time and started using portion control containers.
  2. Make your own dressing! It’s a lot simpler than you may think
  3. Add color with fruits and veggies there are endless possibilites
  4. Go easy on the avocados, love them but moderation is key with this superfood
  5. Mix it up!! there are thousands of variations and recipes so keep it interesting!

With Fall approaching I see a lot of spinach and apple salads topped with Pork tenderloin in my future…. Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite salad is!!

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