Welcome! I’m so glad you decided to stop by and spend a little time with me.

So what will you find on this blog?

You are going to find a lot of posts about the 5 Fs Food, Fitness, Fashion, Frenchies, & Fun! The 5 Fs sum up everything my life revolves around. I am a virtual health and fitness coach whose goal in life is to help put an end to yo-yo dieting and avoiding going on cholesterol medication at ALL COSTS.

I do all my workouts from home (or the apartment gym) because I don’t have the time or money to be going to a gym, I mean am I right!? Most people barely have time to workout let alone get in the car and go somewhere to workout!! People always think working out from home doesn’t work because they can’t get motivated… Well let me slap with you with some truth, MOTIVATION COMES FROM WITHIN! You won’t get it from anywhere but inside yourself!

That’s why as a health and fitness coach I am all about helping you find that fire inside of you that will keep you motivated! Then when all else fails I’ve got an amazing tribe of women behind me every step of the way to keep me accountable!

When it comes to nutrition I follow a plan that is a hodgepodge of multiple plans I have tried over the years, I found what works for MY body and stick to the 80/20 rule because y’all LIFE IS WORTH LIVING NOT DEPRIVING.

So take a minute look browse around, fall down that rabbit hole. I bet you will find some useful information, BUT if you want some more information about having me as your personal coach and what I can offer? Click Here

If your mindset is in it, you’re gonna win it!